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The historical and cultural heritage of glass bottles should go a long way.

Chinese liquor culture has a long history. Every wine company is also improving its cultural connotation to improve product brand and create high-end image. For bottle makers, it is extremely important to defeat competitors in fierce market competition and mold bottle culture. Although the domestic wine bottle has a long history, from earthenware to ceramics to glass and plastic. It can be said that the development of ceramic bottles has come down in one continuous line, from design to modeling, all aspects have inherited the traditional cultural connotation. Glass bottles and plastic bottles belong to modern industrial civilization products, and there are faults in the cultural inheritance of traditional bottles. Glass bottles and plastic bottles are more than just carrying the function of packaging. This is obviously far from enough for the liquor companies that are increasingly shaping the brand's connotation.
At present, glass bottles have become mature in various technological technologies such as packaging, spraying, and roasting flowers. As long as there is a complete design, combination of production technology, and the cultural connotation of traditional wine, it is believed that glass bottles will be able to assume the demands of the brand molding of wine enterprises.


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